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Eric Clapton’s Love Affair With The Guitar

Blues-rock legend Eric Clapton is not only widely regarded as one of the greatest axemen of all time, but alongside the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Hank Marvin, was an instrumental figure in the popularization of the guitar in the 1960s. Just as much a fan-boy of the instrument today as he was back during

10 Famous Musicians Afflicted with Hearing Loss

Even more so than vision, a musician’s hearing is considered essential to his songwriting for obvious reasons. Constructing even a basic melody can be an obstacle with hearing loss, even if only affects one ear – as is the case with most of the musicians below. While it is incredibly rare for a successful musician

Concert Review: Eric Clapton at Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta

There are few things more iconic in music than Eric Clapton. Its impossible to have a discussion about the best guitarist of all time without mentioning his name. He is the only three time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee (Creme, the Yardbirds and solo respectively). He’s won seventeen Grammy Awards, influenced countless musicians

Greatest Guitarists of All Time

It’s a daunting task to list the greatest guitarists of all time. But these particular five have influenced legions of artists through sheer innovation and wonderful playing, touting both virtuosity and melodic wit in their unique craft. From the 1930s (Robert Johnson) to today (Sonic Youth), their influences are so great many aspiring guitarists immediately