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Is Green Day Still Punk?

While critics are unanimous in labeling Green Day’s early material as punk music, the band’s multitude of stylistic ventures throughout their 25–year career makes it difficult to label them today. Are they still a staunch punk-rock band, as they were in their youth, or a fusion of varying rock and pop genres? Fans of more

Ten Best Concept Albums Ever Made

Concept albums are very nearly a dirty word in modern music. Written off as either overtly pretentious tripe with some not-so-hidden agenda or self-indulgent prance through the authors psyche, there’s little room for them on most CD shelves (or, more realistically, iPod playlists). But what of the forgotten gems? That is to say, what of

Album Review: Green Day ‘¡Tre!’

If we’re being honest, the first two installments in Green Day’s back-to-basics trilogy, ¡Uno! and ¡Dos!, did not differentiate themselves enough to warrant the ambition of the band in releasing their music this way. ¡Tre! is where they absolutely have to prove that three albums were necessary, to make up for the heaps of filler

Album Review: Green Day ‘¡Dos!’

When I wrote my review for the first of Green Day’s three-part album release, ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tre!, I said that parts two and three would have to differentiate themselves in some way or the whole collection might be just about irrelevant. Putting out records in this way lends a band a great deal of

Album Review: Green Day ‘¡Uno!’

Green Day was my favorite band when I was eleven years old, and it’s sort of surreal to me that they are still going and making almost exactly the same sort of music almost twenty years later. I imagine there is a generation who think Green Day got their start with American Idiot, and who