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Is Lady Gaga The Ambassador Of The Gay Community Or Exploiter?

A virtual unknown six years ago, Lady Gaga has since managed to usurp Madonna as the gay community’s pop diva of choice thanks to a string of empowering anthems, a series of outlandish visual statements and a devotion to supporting LGBT rights which has bordered on the messianic. But ever since she burst onto the

The Battle of Madonna and Lady Gaga

Not exactly a stranger to the concept of the celebrity feud, Madonna’s lengthy reign as the Queen of Pop never really came under any genuine threat from those who dared to challenge for her crown. That was of course until Lady Gaga arrived all guns blazing at the tail end of the 00s. Displaying a

Behind Lady Gaga’s Music: The Collaborators That Helped Make Her Famous

Lady Gaga’s fame can be largely attributed to her own aspects. Gaga’s idiosyncratic fashion sense, powerful vocal range, and commitment to beloved fans, she deems “little monsters,” are huge reasons for her success. But with all the talk about Lady Gaga, there are collaborators behind the scenes that help produce Gaga’s music, expose her to

Infographic: Musicians and Their Fake Twitter Followers

Twitter has become a bit of a currency for celebrities these days. They seems to pin their self worth based on how many followers they can scrounge up on the social media network. Not only are musicians no different, they seem to be leading the charge. Of the top ten accounts with the most Twitter