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Digging into Mumford & Sons Strong Literary Influences

For a group whose meshing of rock and folk is so accessible, Mumford & Sons have a surprisingly intricate grasp of the literary classics. Their incorporation of these influences into their music will appear subtle to most listeners who enjoy their radio hits like “I Will Wait” and “Little Lion Man,” but those more invested

How Mumford & Sons Made Bluegrass Cool Again

The vintage sound of bluegrass has intermittently weaved in and out of the mainstream over the years, thanks to Dolly Parton and Patty Loveless’ occasional ventures into the genre, Alison Krauss & Union Station’s Grammy Award-winning efforts, and of course the soundtrack to The Coen Brothers’ 2000 Oscar nominee, O Brother, Where Art Thou. But

Album Review: Mumford & Sons ‘Babel’

The opening minute of “Babel” immediately sounds like any song from Sigh No More, revealing both the strength of the band’s motif and perhaps their total lack of flexibility or ability to grow. This opening track addresses the question posed to all bands with their sophomore releases, and the answer appears clear: Mumford & Sons

Concert Review: Mumford and Sons at Fox Theatre in Atlanta

Mumford and Sons was last in Atlanta on November 7, 2010, playing the Buckhead Theatre. This is a 2500-capacity theatre, and they sold it out. Not instantaneous mind you, but a sell out nonetheless. “Little Lion Man” was just starting to find its way into heavy rotation on Atlanta’s modern rock station (Dave FM), and