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How Neil Young Affected the Sound of the Grunge Movement

Neil Young’s illustrious discography can be daunting for even longtime fans. With 35 full-lengths and dozens of live and tribute albums, it’s impossible to concisely classify his sound. Folk, country, and rock dominate much of his material, but Young’s sheer willingness to stretch out his stylistic boundaries – throughout every decade of his career –

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s Best Protest Songs

Renowned for their songs depicting societal defiance and individuality, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s protest songs are vast and consistently strong. These three, however, hit a certain mark that best represents the ingeniously talented songwriters and their fight for freedom and courage in a time where productive counterculture was on the rise: Ohio Neil Young

10 Famous Musicians Afflicted with Hearing Loss

Even more so than vision, a musician’s hearing is considered essential to his songwriting for obvious reasons. Constructing even a basic melody can be an obstacle with hearing loss, even if only affects one ear – as is the case with most of the musicians below. While it is incredibly rare for a successful musician