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9 Uber Successful Bands Who Hated Each Other

When bands don’t get along, you can usually tell. There’s a distinct difference between friendly joshing around in interviews and the overt glaring across the stage that’s oh-so-evident in concert DVDs (no names named). But some bands manage to power through that kind of animosity — perhaps with some kind of monetary symbol pulsing in

Top 10 Jobs for Music Addicts

So, if you’re on this site, it’s a pretty safe bet that you like the whole music fiasco, right? I’d venture to guess that you’re A bit of A fan at this stage. And, whether you like to relax with a few records at the end of the day or hit the clubs in fluorescent

5 Worst Beatles Songs Ever

Ah, The Beatles. The mischievous, occasionally scandalous, quartet of modern pop music. A veritable One Direction for their age. But oh, I hear you cry, One Direction are terrible, and I hate every single one of their songs with a deep burning passion! And I agree, with you, dear reader — so much so that

5 Megastars Whose Career Started as a Backup Singer

Started at the bottom, now they’re here. There are more artists than I can count on both hands that started out in the background of the music industry, whether as backing dancers, jobbing studio musicians, or acting as a sarcastic secretary with a heart of gold for a record company (wait, that’s my secret sitcom

What Makes Music Pretentious?

What exactly makes music “pretentious”? It’s “something full of pretense; an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true”. It’s an insult that’s levied against any number of bands often with little back-up or explanation. Is it the lyrics? The music? Just the very attitude of the band? Or is it a

The 13 Secrets of Taylor Swift’s Massive Success

Whether you want to or not, odds are high that you can’t go a single day without seeing or hearing something about Taylor Swift (especially now that she has kicked off her 1989 tour). With current headline-grabbing artists such as Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears clamoring to steal everyone’s attention, how

What Killed the Video Star? MTV’s Abandonment of the Music Video

It’s an age-old complaint that MTV no longer seems to stand for its original moniker: Music Television. With a group of nostalgic music lovers longing for the days of back-to-back music videos and commentary from beloved VJ’s, MTV continues to plow forward into different programming waters. Occasionally, the network gives a slight nod to its