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Why Ozzy Osbourne Got Kicked Out Of Black Sabbath

Following a legal battle between guitarist Tony Iommi and frontman Ozzy Osbourne over the band’s name, not to mention several denials from the former, the prospects of Black Sabbath jumping on the reunion bandwagon seemed highly unlikely to say the least. But after tentatively reforming last year, the heavy metal pioneers are now gearing up

Concert Review: Eric Clapton at Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta

There are few things more iconic in music than Eric Clapton. Its impossible to have a discussion about the best guitarist of all time without mentioning his name. He is the only three time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee (Creme, the Yardbirds and solo respectively). He’s won seventeen Grammy Awards, influenced countless musicians

John Mayer 2013 Born and Raised Tour Starts in July

John Mayer is Back! proclaims the singer-songwriter’s official website before imploring you to use the hashtag #MayerisBack. And he is – Mayer finally will embark on the Born and Raised tour this summer, just over a year after he canceled the originally scheduled version of the tour due to throat problems. The tour kicks off