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The Rise of Catfish And The Bottlemen

Catfish and The Bottlemen are a classic indie rock set up that have been making waves across the indie circuit in recent years. Supported by the likes of Radio 1 and XFM and featured in most of the British music press, these guys have been given a hearty thumbs up by the British indie establishment,

Britain’s Music Venues Are Under Threat

Since the Coalition Government in the UK came to power in 2010 there has been a concerted effort by politicians to put housing back at the top of the list of national priorities amid worries that a housing ‘superbubble’ may be happening in London and the South East of England. The change in the law

Is Youtube Bullying The Music Industry?

Youtube is the most successful video platform since time began. Billions of people use it: watching and sharing its content with their friends, families and networks, to the point where it’s become old media’s biggest threat and a launchpad for some of this century’s biggest names in pop culture so far. Whether it’s Justin Bieber

Posh Pop And A Decade of Keane’s ‘Hopes and Fears’

On May 10th this year, it will be exactly ten years since Keane’s Hopes and Fears charted in 19 countries worldwide. An emotionally charged, soft melodic rock record that would start the careers of four Sussex lads who to date have released four studio albums and charted worldwide with gentle anthems like “Crystal Ball”, “Somewhere

We Talk Punk in 2014 with Louise Distras

Louise Distras is a Punk who varies slightly from the standard recipe. While like her fellow hellraisers and revolutionaries she has a pretty big bone to pick, hers it seems, is with Punk itself. “I’m no authority but I have noticed that the audiences in Europe and Canada are much younger than in the UK.

Will the Beastie Boys Ever Tour Again?

Pretty much everyone in the world has heard the Beastie Boys at some point. Whether you had that one friend who was into hip-hop and would insist upon putting them on every time you turned your back on the music at a party or you’re a hardcore fan of your own accord, they’re a legitimate

In Conversation With Little Matador’s Nathan Connolley

Little Matador are the latest rock clique out of Ireland to give a brash nod to classic raucous rock formulas. With a July support slot for Biffy Clyro in the bag (even before their debut album is out later this month) and an already impressive CV behind its’ members, we grafted in their frontman and

Why Carrie Underwood’s Stand For Gay Marriage Is Good for Country Music

Carrie is from a different neck of the woods than her Country associates, having her career’s genesis rooted in American Idol her political opinions are predictably a tad more ‘showbiz’ and ‘twenty-first century’ when sized up next to her more conservative colleagues like Toby Keith and George Strait. But the fact that her big break wasn’t

Why Some Musicians Make It While Others Remain in the Shadows

It was the beginning of the new millennium. I had just exited graduate school and saw my engagement unexpectedly collapse only to discover this mythical thing called time on my hands. Me and a handful of friends dove into the Atlanta music scene head first, especially the singer-songwriters coming out of Decatur’s Eddie’s Attic. John

Is Streaming Killing the Music Industry?

Apple has recently announced it has plans to launch a streaming service to tackle the threat posed by services like Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, Deezer and other corporate music efforts in the form of Google Play and Microsoft’s Xbox Music. The news comes after recent double-digit falls in iTunes sales. A scare for those who had