Fleetwood Mac Reveal 2013 Concert Tour Dates

Fleetwood Mac will embark on an extensive tour of North America next spring.

The announcement comes after Stevie Nicks fueled rumors in October that the band would perform next April – it turns out that not only was she correct, but the band will remain on the road through the middle of June.

The tour will kick off the arena tour on April 4 at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, and the group will remain on the road through a June 12 show at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. In between those dates the group will visit most major North American markets, including Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Vancouver, Los Angeles Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta.

Though there’s been no official word just yet, it has been speculated that the Rumours band will perform at next year’s Bonnaroo festival as well as the New Orleans Jazz Festival. We’ll have to wait for the official lineups of those events.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nicks pointed out that the band likes to take a few years off between every tour.

“It’s always really good to give people that rest from you,” she said. “To let them get away from you and you from them. So when that tour starts up, everybody’s super excited. And you’re not gonna be nearly as super excited if you just saw us at the beginning of last year. I think that it’s really worth it to do that. I will always feel that way, so I have to take a little bit of flak for it.”

Nicks also told Rolling Stone that she and Lindsey Buckingham have cut two new Fleetwood Mac songs recently, and that concertgoers may hear the songs on the new tour. There’s been no word on yet on if and when those songs will be released.

Nicks said that if everything goes to plan, the band will visit Europe and Australia after the North American tour.

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