Phoenix, Jane’s Addiction Set for Music Midtown 2013, RHCP Next?

Figuring out festival line-ups has turned into something of a national pastime for music writers. Festivals seem to come up with ever more clever ways of doing their big revel of the bands they have on tap. Atlanta’s Music Midtown is no different as they started their social tease on Friday. In a coordinated effort between the festival’s Facebook and Instagram page, the festival organizers posted album covers to denote which bands would be playing this year’s two-day event in the meadow at Piedmont Park. So far we have big dogs like Jane’s Addiction, Phoenix, Weezer and Kendrick Lamar signed on. Other acts officially in the fold include Imagine Dragons, Capital Cities, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arctic Monkeys, Cake, 2 Chainz and hometown favorites The Black Lips. The official line-up is due to be released on Tuesday, but you can track all of the band up-to-the-minute additions on our Music Midtown page.

Needless to say lots of excitement has been kicked up on the festival’s Facebook page. Fans have been doing a little spelunking of their own. The Cake addition was uncovered by a fan digging around on the band’s website that also uncovered the festival dates (September 20-21) before it was official. The most curious rumored band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. A fan allegedly saw the date temporarily posted on the RHCP’s website over the weekend before it got yanked down. Did the band’s webmaster get a little trigger happy perhaps? We will have to wait and see.

Regardless, Atlanta’s premiere music festival is mounting the excitement and preparing for another sold out weekend this fall. What a great way to build up their social following while having a little fun with their highly anticipated news.

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