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Looking at the Themes of Leonard Cohen’s Music

“All I’ve got to put in a song is my own experience,” folk music legend Leonard Cohen told The Guardian in January 2012, the month his album Old Ideas was released. Old Ideas was a striking album that encouraged all types of listeners, young and old, to dig into Cohen’s career. Here was a man

Leonard Cohen’s Impact on Folk Music

Leonard Cohen’s impact on folk music is immeasurable. The longtime singer/songwriter is widely considered to be a poet first, and a musician second – but that’s only if you have to choose. Cohen ingeniously combines beautiful folk stylings with lyrics that are emotionally ornate and verbally idiosyncratic enough to be considered poetry. His words inspire

Tracing Leonard Cohen’s Relationship History Through Song

Few artists have written songs as fiercely personal as Leonard Cohen, the legendary folk artist whose discography includes stunning lyrical themes that touch on love, depression, and political tyranny. Considering that Cohen has been releasing music for about 46 years, most of his life has been chronicled by songs that range in clarity from subtle

Album Review: Leonard Cohen ‘Old Ideas’

It has been eight years since Leonard Cohen’s previous album, and 45 years since his first release back in 1967. In all of that time not a whole lot has changed for the herald of hardship, and Old Ideas sounds a lot like Songs of Leonard Cohen, apart from a voice deepened by age. The