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Ten Best Concept Albums Ever Made

Concept albums are very nearly a dirty word in modern music. Written off as either overtly pretentious tripe with some not-so-hidden agenda or self-indulgent prance through the authors psyche, there’s little room for them on most CD shelves (or, more realistically, iPod playlists). But what of the forgotten gems? That is to say, what of

How Muse Helped To Bring Prog-Rock Back Into Fashion

Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Van Der Graaf Generator, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Supertramp – during the 70s, you couldn’t move for prog-rock bands clogging up the album charts. But after the emergence of back-to-basics punk-rock made the concept of weird elaborate costumes, Tolkien-esque lyrics and 15-minute keyboard solos appear too much trouble, the genre became

Album Review: Muse ‘The 2nd Law’

The story of this record for most fans seems to be that Muse has changed things up again, but that isn’t really the case from my perspective. Sure, there are a couple of new elements present, but it’s nothing outside of their already very broad lexicon. The fact that they have gone this far without