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How the Blues Influenced the Rolling Stones?

The Rolling Stones have always been labeled as a rock ‘n’ roll band, an easy classification considering their various entries into pop, folk, reggae, and even disco. Especially by the mid ‘70s, the band was willing to embrace several stylistic outlets. But an appreciation for one particular form of music has stood out consistently throughout

Why ‘Exile on Main Street’ Was Such a Groundbreaking Album for the Rolling Stones

Exile on Main Street has undergone a shift in critical perception since its 1972 release. It was initially met with lukewarm criticism that labeled the Rolling Stones as victims to stylistic indulgence. Sticking that label on Exile on Main Street today is highly anachronistic. The album’s extended jams, murkily distorted atmospheres, and stylistically eclectic tendencies

Best Contemporary Cover Versions of Rolling Stones Songs

Now entering their incredible 51st year together, The Rolling Stones started out their iconic career back in 1962 as a virtual covers band. They performed renditions of classic R&B and rock n’ roll tracks by the likes of Chuck Berry (“Come On”), Howlin Wolf (“Little Red Rooster”) and Buddy Holly (“Not Fade Away”), not to

Rolling Stones, Daft Punk Looking Likely for Coachella 2013

It’s looking like the headliners at next year’s Coachella festival may be the Rolling Stones and Daft Punk. Though the official lineup for the 2013 incarnation of the event has yet to be released, internet rumors that the two artists will appear at the festival have been flying around due to a couple of alleged

More Rolling Stones Concert Dates Coming

The Rolling Stones just released their first single in six years, and it looks like we can expect some additional tour dates to go along with the new music. In late March, Billboard reported that an anonymous source revealed the band would play two shows at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and two shows at