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Talking with YOOFS: The Twin Brothers and Their Busy 2014

“Me and Rich are brothers… twins actually” says Michael-James Dent, one of two young men behind YOOFS, a low-fi indie duo whose wall-of-sound guitars have lent themselves to an impressive catalogue of tunes. “We’ve been playing music together since we were about 14 or 15. It originally started as a three-piece playing in our mate’s

London’s First Vinyl Library One Year On

Elly Rendall and Sophie Austin are two record revolutionaries who one year ago set out to start London’s first vinyl library. Run as a not-for-profit since day one, they aimed to start a space where pre-digital music culture and an intimate spirit can collide with great results. With a small monthly subscription fee you’re able

Hip Hop In 2014? We Q&A Historian Seb Elkouby

When someone says History most of us aren’t picturing Compton or the Bronx, RUN DMC, Salt N Pepa or anything else related to Hip Hop for that matter. But Sebastian Elkouby certainly does. A Hip Hop enthusiast, blogger and historian of the genre, we asked him — when the genre has never been so big

Meet Fancy Reagan: VH1’s Newest Overnight Success

After a sleepless 24 hours of musical challenges, Fancy Reagan was announced as the winner of VH1’s “Make A Band Famous” competition.  Held at the Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the event featured 24 bands competing for one life-changing grand prize: a record deal with Republic Records, exposure on VH1’s “You Oughta Know” program,

Coffee For Stories: Interview with Jon Burnell From Kolo

Starting all the way back in 2005, KOLO has done their time in the uncertain abyss of the music industry. Line up changes, highs and lows behind them, 2014 sees them (finally) emerge with their debut album Do You Want To Rule The World?, a confident wall of indie pop noise, plus a string of

The Rise of Catfish And The Bottlemen

Catfish and The Bottlemen are a classic indie rock set up that have been making waves across the indie circuit in recent years. Supported by the likes of Radio 1 and XFM and featured in most of the British music press, these guys have been given a hearty thumbs up by the British indie establishment,

We Chat With Beach Pop Duo The Diamond Age

Southampton, England is hardly a place on god’s green earth that’s conducive to a shirtless stroll along a seafront. Perhaps more garden pond than Gibraltan paradise, but listening to The Diamond Age’s sunny sonic repertoire, you simply wouldn’t know it. With a thumbs up from publications such as The Owl and NME and a generally

We Talk Punk in 2014 with Louise Distras

Louise Distras is a Punk who varies slightly from the standard recipe. While like her fellow hellraisers and revolutionaries she has a pretty big bone to pick, hers it seems, is with Punk itself. “I’m no authority but I have noticed that the audiences in Europe and Canada are much younger than in the UK.

Interview with Stefan Babcock of PUP

PUP are an example of that rare breed of band for whom noise pollution and permanent ear damage are of no immediate concern. Hailing from Toronto, who’s scene seems to be throwing around great bands like a petulant child (only with better results), these guys are a prime cut of the region’s particularly endearing brand

Interview with Sivu

Sivu is the rather strange Finnish pseudonym of James Page, an Alt-pop Gotye-style soloist, who hails from the postcard county of Cambridgeshire in eastern England. Far from the safe and historic setting he comes from, his music is altogether more adventurous and unorthodox than the medieval University buildings and flat fields that come to mind