5 Worst Beatles Songs Ever

Ah, The Beatles. The mischievous, occasionally scandalous, quartet of modern pop music. A veritable One Direction for their age. But oh, I hear you cry, One Direction are terrible, and I hate every single one of their songs with a deep burning passion! And

Is Green Day Still Punk?

While critics are unanimous in labeling Green Day’s early material as punk music, the band’s multitude of stylistic ventures throughout their 25–year career makes it difficult to label them today. Are they still a staunch punk-rock band, as they were in their youth, or

Soundgarden’s Rise, Fall, and Re-Emergence

As one of the premiere alt-rock groups of the ‘90s, Soundgarden infused a love for heavy metal and blues into their voracious and full-bodied rock sound, packed with arena-ready guitars and belching vocals. Their guitar-driven repertoire ranged in tone from raucous blues to swirling

Artists That Inspire Bruno Mars’ Vintage Sound

A video clip surfaced recently from a 1990 British documentary called “Viva Elvis”, which chronicled the legend of Elvis Presley and the passion of his diehard fan base. The clip depicted chubby-cheeked 4-year-old named “Bruno” singing Elvis classics like “Trouble” and “Hound Dog”, with

The 8 Best Alicia Keys Singles

Now thirteen years and five studio efforts into her career, Alicia Keys has built up the kind of back catalogue that most of her soulful peers can only dream about. With four US number ones to her name, not to mention a further seven