Infographic: Musicians and Their Fake Twitter Followers

Twitter has become a bit of a currency for celebrities these days. They seems to pin their self worth based on how many followers they can scrounge up on the social media network. Not only are musicians no different, they seem to be leading the charge. Of the top ten accounts with the most Twitter followers, seven of them are musicians. Obama, Instagram and YouTube are the only non-note spinners.

While the popularity of musical heavyweights like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Kary Perry is without question, we do have to take a hard look at those lofty numbers and wonder if they are exactly legit. We did some digging into the musicians who fill out Twitter’s top 20 and found some with as few as 16% real followers as well as some whose fake followers hit 55%. We also ran the numbers to determine who the real Twitter leaders were in music by analyzing valid Twitter accounts. It shakes up more than you’d think. We also include some interesting factoids on the fake Twitter trade.

Notice: the Twitter data was gathered in May 2013

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