Top 10 Jobs for Music Addicts

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So, if you’re on this site, it’s a pretty safe bet that you like the whole music fiasco, right? I’d venture to guess that you’re A bit of A fan at this stage. And, whether you like to relax with a few records at the end of the day or hit the clubs in fluorescent paint and grind yourself into a day-glo frenzy, you want to make music part of your life. What better way to do it than to make it part of your job? We’ve come up with a list of the best jobs ever for people who love music.

1. Disc Jockey (DJ)

DJ-ing is probably one the easiest and most interesting ways to explore your musical side right now, with tons of software — some of it free — available to download onto your computer which allows you to remix tracks and come up with cuts of your own. A fascinating way to explore your musicality, and actually use the line “This track? Oh, it’s mine” to pick up women/men. Win-win. Provided you can manage to balance the cocky out of that statement.

2. Music Teacher

Ah, the joys of sharing your love of music with the youth of tomorrow, right? While some people (read: me) are genuinely terrified by the thought of being expected to actually impart knowledge to the little people, there is a certain lovely beauty to creating tiny musicians out of your passion (not in that way). And everyone secretly wants to be the cool teacher that everyone likes, don’t they? Take that chance, and run with it. Let everyone have a go on the drums, no matter how uncoordinated they are.

3. Music Journalist

Ah, into my comfort territory now, and I can genuinely recommend this course of action. Start your own website, blag your way into gigs, make friends with promoters, and hang out with bands — all in the name of your art! You’ve also got the hipster credentials to say “yeah, I reviewed them months ago. I knew they were going to be huge” without anyone looking at you too funny.

4. Music Librarian

Yes, this is a thing, and possibly a dream job for the slightly more bureaucratic amongst us. Libraries — and particularly the bigger libraries — often have music sections that need attended too as well as their literature. While it might sound dull, think of it this way — you could be the cool Breakfast Club-esque music know-it-all who takes some wayward high school kids listening to One Direction under their wing and introduces them to New Order. You could do that.

5. Studio Musician

This is one of the most obvious ones on the list, and probably one that those of you who play a few instruments have looked into at one time or another. Basically, you work for the studio, who pay you to play backing tracks for artists and bands whose arrangement needs a bit more oomph. A good way to get your foot in the door, and meet some cool people along the way.

6. Music Management

Not a sector which has particularly sterling history to it, but an interesting one nonetheless. Look at the success Scooter Braun (manager of Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Psy) scored when he hit on the right artists. If you’re going to do it, please go down the scurrilous Malcolm Mclaren route and never turn back — at least your biographies will be amazing.

7. Talent Scout

And while we’re on the topic of music management, why not consider this career as well? It’s a bit more hands-on than straight-up management, and most of the bands you’re going to scout probably won’t go anywhere, but how much would you love to be the one who discovered the new Arctic Monkeys/Icona Pop/Rihanna? Free drinks for life, brother.

8. Concert Promoter

If you’re a fan of live music, then this really is the position for you. Aside from handing out fliers on the street to generally impassive passers-by, you get to organize concerts, theme nights, and sometimes even festivals. It’s hard work, yes, but you really get to see the results of your labor in the first person. And meet the bands (sometimes, I would assume)!

9. Music Therapist

“Eh?” I hear you cry. I will admit this is a pretty obscure choice, but one where you really get to help people. It’s basically what it sounds like — you perform therapy (therapize?) people using music to relax them and help them open up. It’s a fascinating job and, though it would take the most work of any other on this list, is probably the most decent job you could find here.

10. Band Member

The dream of any music lover who’s bounced around their room playing air insert instrument here along to their favorite album. What are you waiting for? I hear there’s a gap in the market for some grunge-reggae-dubstep mashups, and I’ve heard you’ve got just the thing…

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